ALI DIETZ // a red rocket / by SpaceLaboratories

Do you know what it's like to come in contact with a red rocket? Using pure energy alone, they blast you off whatever stoop you were glued to. Ali Dietz does this continuously with her laugh, her photography, her storytelling, and most of all her giant beating red heart.

One night in the springtime of 2016, the full moon fills the sky with a reddish orange glow. We are hosting our first ever life drawing event here at SPACE lab. In walks Ali; a red rocket of laughter. Her spontaneous backbend pose inspired our eyes and ignited our pencils on our drawing pads! Ali holds the pose for a long five minutes, and then rises victoriously (just a tad dizzy, she admits). Once the head rush fades. . . Red rocket blasts off again:

"THAT'S ME, I WANT THAT!" exclaims Ali, when she sees what had erupted out of our friend and fellow DC artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer's paintbrush. Lisa's piece sings around the angles of Ali's fearless pose. Their conversation orbits and eventually lands on a trade between fellow artists: Lisa Marie will give Ali the backbend piece, in exchange for one of Ali's stunning photographs, "Carly, 2012" from her series "Changing Tides in Key West." Both are below for your viewing pleasure. We dare you not to drop your jaw.

3. . . 2. . . 1. . . . blast off. We're honored to be working with Ali for our next show, FORMLESS.


Find out more about Ali on her website. Find out more about Lisa on her website.

See Ali's work at our opening night of FORMLESS // an audio-visual-tactile experience.