Redefinir, Revalorar, Realizar // Una charla con Colectivo Amorfa, CHILE

Space Lab sits down with Colectivo Amorfa, a dynamic duo keeping things real in rural Southern Chile. We talk city vs. country dichotomies, false models of "progress" and "development", the failing systems that exploit the earth and the people who live here, and what we should teach our children before it's too late.

Reina Gossett on Transgender Storytelling, David France, and the Netflix Marsha P. Johnson Documentary

"Too often, people with resources who already have a platform become the ones to tell the stories of those at the margins." Reina Gossett's op-ed in Teen Vogue describing the events that led to David France using her idea and research in the Netflix documentary Marsha P. Johnson.

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Open Arms, Closed Wallets: How a DC artist pocketed $50K of your tax dollars by stealing a mural design

In Washington DC, art theft happens in the alleys, not just in the museums. One alley in particular, at the Open Arms shelter on 57 O Street NW, Washington, DC, is the site of a crime scene.

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Newspaper Refuses To Give An Artist Credit For Her Work

In Alison Gerber's piece for HYPERALLERGIC, she exposes how a paper failed to mention the artist Christine Baeumler’s name in a story about her work. "It’s part of a larger pattern of writing women out of their own work," Gerber writes.

‘Remix’ or plagiarism? Artists battle over a Chicago mural of Michelle Obama.

Derek Hawkins writes for the Washington Post on a case of a work of art stolen and painted on a wall in Chicago.


Poetry and zine-making workshop empowers youth in Santiago, Chile

Space Lab brings some fresh activities to inspire youth at Santiago middle school Luís Matte Larraín, guiding students through an original poetry and zine-making workshop.

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DJ KRYPTK // tearing down borders

Our friend DJ KRYPTK captures and cultivates energy through sound. This week we turned off the speakers and took a stroll to some of our favorite neighborhood spots, whilst KRYPTK dodged in and out of the shadows, never quite disappearing due to her indelible shine.