FRANNIE FRANTIC // ankles and flamingoes


you are far from my head,

a little closer to my heart,

and in need of sweet care and attention.


it is hard for me

to disrupt my routine

to undo and unlearn

to center my arches,

when I was trained to lean

to make space for other people.


aron tells me to seek help-- immediate.

eagerly promised, but forgotten-- deleted it.

shifting, i am flamingo
feeding, turning pink

single leg stand made of singular strands

winding and kneading and boiling over


and spraining.

and spraining again

because my focus is elsewhere

rather, i learned to focus anywhere else

but at my center.





and beyond the swelling is wondering

if being fully human is

at odds with an 8 hour workday

at odds with pricey healthcare

at evens with pain and mortality

but at odds again

with the unevenness of suffering.


power trips over itself

sprains muscles for miles



macro fracking

media hacking

seeking answers

seeking reparations

and demanding that nations

step up, step UP, STEP UP

because we have been stepping

too long on injured limbs



i respect you

i will rest you

but i, too, must step up.

i cannot be still for too long.


Frannie Frantic