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DJ KRYPTK // tearing down borders

Our friend DJ KRYPTK captures and cultivates energy through sound. This week we turned off the speakers and took a stroll to some of our favorite neighborhood spots, whilst KRYPTK dodged in and out of the shadows, never quite disappearing due to her indelible shine. Here's a bit of our conversation:

S P A C E lab: How do you navigate borders, real or perceived? Where did you learn to do so? 

KRYPTK: i've navigated this particular body and reality for a lifetime and often feel that knowledge is the compilation of many lifetimes. i let my intuition and internal rhythm guide my sounds and i work to apply that to my perception of the path i carve. some borders are to be hopped over and others are to be torn down completely. it would be dishonest to say i didn't prefer the latter. 

S P A C E lab: How do you and your body occupy the spaces and landscapes where the past/present/future is determined by others?

KRYPTK: the more recent past and present weren't just shaped by othersthe knowledge and culture that resides in me was twisted to serve those objectives of power and domination. i love uncovering those twists and turns, but ultimately i work to provide the alternative. removing a border or landscape doesn't leave a changed reality, just an absence of matter and i ultimately can field that void with a new understanding and reality.

S P A C E lab: What are strategies that you utilize to create your own reality, physical/bodily or otherwise?

KRYPTK: every day, i ask myself what my lineage would ask of me given the gifts and possibilities i possess? would they be happy with me settling for a portion of what is owed to me? 


Find out more about DJ KRYPTK on Facebook, and follow DJ KRYPTK on instagram and twitter at @kryptksounds.

See DJ KRYPTK perform on September 10th at our opening night of FORMLESS // an audio-visual-tactile experience.

And, last but not least, here's KRYPTK's soundcloud: