Bellicose Plot // by Cana Calendula

concrete thumbnail bellicose.jpg


Every day is an arrival
I land where the book is artfully bound.
Now the sun is where Aries rules the sky,
the God of war makes excuses for his belly, round.

Mr. T orders a military to drop 59 missiles of steel
on a chemical-weapon-wielding dictator,
“Save the children.”
Gunpowder may steal the attention but
Your lead paint and
Your asbestos-doused project housing
are vehicles for our slaughter, too.
Homeward bombs make no sound.

Mars licks the horizon
shining its elemental battle
On its offspring, empire
(and otherwise).

Meanwhile, I smell
The sun fractal my skin, and feel
the bees slurp their pollen dinner
As they rest on this wooden house.
I hear the stairs creak with weightless love
I reclaim the blazing surrenders, and shake
the mountain quaking with molten earth.

Our core, fluid metal churns
Surface fuel ignites cylinders as we push pedals
And daisies toward our imagined paths,
Seeds of light seek multiplication.
The pollination of a human touch
Can re-order the morbid priorities
Demand a new chapter, new nation.

Synapses alert, strong I stand
With a ruler’s staff in hand
Honorable discharge:
My battle plan.