The Future of Storytelling: Design Thinking + Zine Revolutions

Space Lab teamed up with One Summer Chicago’s “Everyone Can Code” summer bootcamp to challenge students to solve a community crisis. In this fast-paced, all-hands-on-deck workshop held at Columbia College’s Flashpoint Media Center, co-founders Aja and Michelle created a platform for participants to use “design thinking”—a vital social/emotional learning skill—to empathize with their target audience in collaboratively creating a design solution.


How can students take a people-centered approach to technology, seeing the humans behind the innovations they set out to engineer?

The S.T.E.A.M.-focused workshop pushed participants to work together and solve a problem they collaboratively identify. Facilitators introduced the idea of design thinking to provide a foundation for students to empathize with the problem they identified by responding to the four hashtags: #community, #justice, #climatecrisis, and #technology.

The group’s responses to the prompt “#climatecrisis”

The group’s responses to the prompt “#climatecrisis”

Students made linkages (via string!) among their responses to the #climatecrisis, #justice, #community, and #technology prompts in the each of the four corners of the room. It was like a room full of laser connectors, creating a web of synchronicity that guided students’ ideas for the duration of the intensive. Space Lab was grateful to use this awesome technique, inspired by Borderless Studio at the CAPE teaching artist workshop.