Generate // Words assembled by K-Aorta

Published in September 2016 by Joyous Adventure Publications.
A selection of poems from the collection follows:



Speak language with your voices
Monsanto Sugar? Eat the beast
Blueberry treats to the hexagon love beats.
Rhyming under canopies to liquify vices
Lost in the gully, bolts
Rolling down the increase in prices
Cross-sectioning brain games
To the Butcher’s salami slices.
Run fall rain tall when I sing I begin
to grow tendrils of sound send them
Off they ricochet interloching
Ticks are tocking
Talking phoenix flames in planet
Savage ammunition frames not borders
Grant permission for me to love you wholly
Holy grails spark ill-lusion behind veils
Crafting past’s delusion.





Send me on my way
You are honey in my palm.





Seethering into my scattering lungs
Underling onto my chattering tongues.
Feeding you under the covers we run
Back to reality front facing sanity
Vanity calls, I ignore it.
Catch me I’m fall...ing autumn will funnel me out
Of my tomb. I spilling right out of the womb
When you war you are weaving night into a loom
To cloak drape bomb smoking living light
must resume
A plume lights my feathers to whom
flights eat the stormy weather.