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MUNDY // the fire lion

We spent some delightful hours with MUNDY, a self-described Fire Lion, who expresses creatively through song, dance, words, fashion, and by being a fairy and a cat simultaneously. Here's a small excerpt of our conversation:

S P A C E lab: Why do you consider yourself an artist?

MUNDY: To express sexual empowerment and freedom without gender conformity.

S P A C E lab: So, if everyone were sexually free, would you still create art?

MUNDY: Well... yes of course! But I strive to take norms out of the equation.

S P A C E lab: Yes, it seems we're all in the search for ways to exude ourselves.

MUNDY: Right. Kind of like after I finish giving a performance, I feel I've emitted everything inside of me. I rarely talk to people afterwards. I just say, "Cool, that was everything I have... Bye!"

Find out more about MUNDY on Facebook, follow MUNDY on instagram and twitter at @mundymusik, and contact MUNDY via email at

See MUNDY perform on September 10th at our opening night of FORMLESS // an audio-visual-tactile experience.