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Reina Gossett on Transgender Storytelling, David France, and the Netflix Marsha P. Johnson Documentary

"Too often, people with resources who already have a platform become the ones to tell the stories of those at the margins." Reina Gossett's op-ed in Teen Vogue describing the events that led to David France using her idea and research in the Netflix documentary Marsha P. Johnson.

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Newspaper Refuses To Give An Artist Credit For Her Work

In Alison Gerber's piece for HYPERALLERGIC, she exposes how a paper failed to mention the artist Christine Baeumler’s name in a story about her work. "It’s part of a larger pattern of writing women out of their own work," Gerber writes.

‘Remix’ or plagiarism? Artists battle over a Chicago mural of Michelle Obama.

Derek Hawkins writes for the Washington Post on a case of a work of art stolen and painted on a wall in Chicago.