Campaign for creative dignity



We didn't want to have to create this page. But alas, the artistic world still suffers from the exploitation and oppression rampant in our society today.

So we must fight. Our current battle is with Lisa Marie Thalhammer, who recently stole a work of art by Aja Adams to win a $50K government grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. We won't rest until Aja can get the credit and payment deserved.

Ultimately, we are fighting for creative dignity. So that the artists of color who create works can receive the same space, credit, payment, opportunities, and respect as the dominating artists who take the work.


news & UPDATES


NBC4 Washington D.C.'s Meagan Fitzgerald reports on the Open Arms mural injustice.



Highlights from recent news where artwork was used for personal gain without the creator's permission.


take action


We encourage everyone to write a letter to the grantor, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, on behalf of Aja and all artists whose work has been exploited.

.... "As a taxpaying U.S. resident, I refuse to see my hard-earned dollars going to the pockets of Lisa Marie Thalhammer, who stole the work of Aja Adams, an artist of color residing in Northeast DC. If you really stood by the “Public Art Building Community” grant name, you as the grantor would do everything in your power to ensure the artist receives full payment for the design and credit for their work on the Open Arms wall at 57 O Street NW. Thus far, it is clear that the Commission has favored the lies put forth by the grantee, without listening to the community. We are writing to put an end to this pattern of exploitation." ....