fueling cooperation

How do we get from point A to point B? How can we heat and light up our humble abodes? Over 80% of the energy we consume globally comes from fossil sources. Here in Chile, much of the electricity and fuel also comes from non-renewables. But there exists a growing network of brilliant exceptions to the majority. As part of a Fulbright-funded interdisciplinary research fellowship, we've created a multimedia database where producers of renewable energy – from tiny garage projects to academic research institutions – can link up, share knowledge, work together and pave the way toward a sustainable future of energy.


Sources: Crowd-sourced data, Coordinador Electrico Nacional, Central Energía

Mapping renewable energy in chile

Here you see a working map of renewable energy and fuel producers in Chile. To explore these gems, click the points and read on for interviews, photos, videos, and analyses.


Do you or does someone you know produce your own energy? Help the network grow by mapping yourself.



meet the leaders of the movement

In this series of documentary shorts, we'll discover the nexus of research, education, and implementation of renewable energy here in Chile. We'll start with biofuels, and later explore other sources of renewable alternative energy to find models of sustainability for the whole community. Stay tuned for the release of the full series this year!



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