Eye Spy Flywear

 Wearable art for the surreal explorer.

EYE SPY FLYWEAR emerged from the depths of the creative cores of artist Aja Andrometa and fashion designer Emi Stearn. Through their collaboration, they seek to explore the intersections of the whimsical and utilitarian, accessing new dimensions of thought. Take “The Garden of Eden" for example (pictured above), the one-of-a-kind product of their first creative encounter. A very surrealist approach for the very real explorer: a new frontier of wearable art. Stay tuned… More looks coming soon.

Cut + sewn by Emi Stearn // Hand painted by Aja Andrometa.

INTERESTED? The Eye Spy team will happily create a custom garment for you. Please indicate your interest and general measurements to request a hand-sewn, hand-painted piece of wearable art.

Find a new horizon with Eye Spy Flywear.