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Michelle Stearn

Freelance writer + investigator, radical educator, renewable energy guru

connect (at) // +56 9 8487 4113 (Chile)

current // Mapping renewable energy in chile

How do we get from point A to point B? Most engines these days burn petroleum products to zoom around carrying people and things. But there are some exceptions. And here in Chile, much of the electricity comes from non-renewables. As part of this Fulbright-funded interdisciplinary research fellowship entitled "Fueling Cooperation" I've created a database where producers of renewable energy – from tiny garage projects to academic research institutions – can link up, share knowledge, work together and pave the way toward a sustainable future of energy.


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Above: a working map of alternative fuel producers in Chile.
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Interested in collaborating or hosting an intimate educational space in your community? In search of an experienced educator for a radical workshop series? Or perhaps you want to document your own initiative using an interactive, audio-visual approach?


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